Nutella Day Breakfast


In honour of world nutella day today, I made this scrumptious breakfast treat. Inspired by this recipe which I found where all good recipes are found, Pinterest of course!

As per usual I didn’t follow step by step, and I completely skipped heating the nutella mix first but it was delish! I replaced the maple syrup with honey. I also used a box of Special K with strawberries crumpled in with the oats and it was a vast improvement on the original (sorry mr. K). Myself and a still poorly monkey enjoyed a bowl each this morning and we are now thinking it’ll be yum for lunch later too!

Honey and Cinnamon are great to add to breakfast for masses of reasons, some of which can be found here.


I still owe you the rest of yesterday’s incomplete post, I didn’t forget but as today IS Nutella day it would have been a shame not to celebrate.

Keeping it sweet!


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